Check out our "Young Sparks Award" Scholarship program, in partnership with Armstrong Acting Studios, a professional TV and Film training studio.

This award gives young emerging talent an opportunity to further gain tools for their craft.

We believe in Fueling Female Artists. Building one another up, and helping in making big dreams a reality.




Our Mission

Is to break barriers for young women in TV + Film

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Fueling Female Artists

Donate or read more on upcoming fundraisers and events hosted by Girls with Grit. Come out and support your community, and help fellow women rise up in an industry that can often push you down. 


Girls with Grit has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for female artists. We strive to give every young woman an equal opportunity to pursue a career in the Arts. We believe in equality, hard work and determination. Girls with Grit is constantly working to make any Art Industry a level playing field. Through time, donations and connecting with the community, we work to provide opportunities to those who would not otherwise have them. 

Find your inner power by helping others

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Kamisa Investments

Strong roots and successful investments since 1988.

Our Mission

Armstrong Acting Studios

A professional film + television training studio for working actors, and a testing ground for emerging talent. 

McManus & Campbell

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